The body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.
Treat it with care.

Our body is the vessel which carries us through life, allowing us to experience, to sense, to feel, to be human. When we do not honour our body, we begin to feel the build up of stresses & tension. In our modern lives, poor posture & long working days lead to the body coming further from comfort.

Using a fusion of massage techniques & physical manipulation to work with the energy of the physical and subtle bodies offering you a unique therapeutic experience. Allowing breath to work alongside massage to release all that blocks harmonic flow in the body. 

Guiding your energy body to a deeper awareness and connection to the chakras through the physical body. A very powerful massage, effects are felt for days after.

Sessions held within my home (Chabanais, 16150) or limited mobile appointments also available.

Contact for more information & booking.

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